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Hong Kong secondment four months in - riding waves

Four months in, and Hong Kong is still treating me very well. I’ve learned to love the hot, sticky air and the summer rainstorms and I've found a place near work that serves great dumpling noodle soup late enough for when we’re having a late night in the office.

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Hong Kong secondment halfway point: solving mysteries

I've been in Hong Kong for three months now, working very hard but having lots of fun. Big cities like these are always full of mysteries with no explanation or possible solution.

On my way to work on my first day, two grannies stood outside the entrance to the subway, one shaking the other by the shoulders, saying over and over "more money, more power!". Next, outside the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental, a man in a green suit dropped the keys to his matching green Carrera into the white gloves of the hotel's valet, neither saying any words to the other. At the bottom of the elevator shaft leading to the firm, six middle aged businessmen stood outside the Alexander McQueen store, each and every one of them bent over with faces red like beetroots, slapping their knees and laughing hysterically. How can I understand any of these things?

A few weeks ago our team encountered an even more intractable mystery...

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