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Frequently asked questions

How many graduate positions do you offer each year?

Approximately 25 across the five offices.

Do you have a clerkship program?

Yes. For information please read the opportunities page.

How many clerk positions do you offer?

There will be approximately 50 clerkship positions each year across the five offices. Larger offices take on larger intakes, however exact numbers may vary from year to year.

When do you conduct interviews for graduate and clerk positions?

Our recruitment and interview dates vary across the offices. Details can be found on our recruitment timetables.

When do your graduates commence with the firm?

We have a common start date in February for all of our graduates.

Do you provide a mid-year intake?

No, all graduates commence at the one time in February. If you are graduating mid-year or undertaking an overseas exchange, for example, you would commence the following year.

What training do your graduates undertake as a pathway to admission?

All offices, bar Melbourne, enrol graduates in PLT (Practical Legal Training) which is an outsourced program run by The College of Law. In Melbourne, graduates undertake SWT (Supervised Workplace Training) which is an in-house program resembling an articled clerkship.


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