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Lucia, a trainee from our London office, shares her experiences on her international secondment to Hong Kong,

DLA Piper's global reach was of particular appeal to me when applying for training contracts. Having lived in several countries throughout my life, I deeply appreciated the invaluable experience of learning and experiencing a different culture. When applying for a training contract, I hoped to eventually pursue the amazing opportunities DLA Piper had to offer through its international secondments. I was thrilled when I found out I was offered the secondment to work in the Finance, Projects and Restructuring (FP&R) team in Hong Kong.

As a central financial hub in Asia, Hong Kong was an ideal location for me to further develop my skills and knowledge in the finance sectors which was of particular interest to me. The diversity and cross border nature of the work, coupled with the new working environment and new team, offered an amazing opportunity for me to learn and develop new skills both in terms of practical legal skills and team-working skills. Most notably I learnt a lot about different areas and practices of law across Asia. I assisted on several matters conducting research on legal proceedings and regulations in China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore, and producing research notes for clients on specific queries. Throughout my work, I was encouraged to network with our international colleagues, allowing me to build important ties and relationships with colleagues in Singapore, Thailand and China.

I further benefitted from the smaller size of the department, which allowed me to work closely with the partners of FP&R. I gained significant experience from being exposed to their practice and was able to gain valuable insight into their working methods. The smaller team size also meant I was entrusted with more responsibility than I had previously been given and was challenged to complete new tasks diligently and efficiently.

I was very lucky to be invited to attend the annual Restructuring Curry Lunch while I was there. During the lunch I was able to network and meet clients and key contacts from noteworthy finance and investment companies, allowing me to develop important ties and business connections.

Aside from the valuable working experience, Hong Kong also had a lot to offer outside of the office. My colleagues made sure to share all of the good food-spots and attractions, and took me out on several amazing hikes where I could truly appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong.

The secondment has been the highlight of my training contract, and I would sincerely recommend it to anyone considering it. Not only does it offer amazing opportunities to learn and grow in your working life, but it also offers the opportunity  for personal growth as you explore life in a different country, experience a new culture, and meet amazing people.

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