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Faith, an incoming London Class of 2019 graduate, shares her experiences of completing the Summer Internship in the London office

I’m Faith and I’ll be joining the London Office as a trainee next summer. I found the three week summer internship to be a fantastic learning experience. Not only was I challenged by the work itself and projects we were set, but I also realised the importance of the culture of a firm and ensuring its values align with your own. Here is a breakdown of my time on the scheme.

Week 1: Induction

The first week of the internship was an induction week. I’ll admit that at first I thought this could be quite boring, but in fact it really settled everyone in and gave us a chance to not only get to know the firm, but also each other. The best thing about the induction week was the fact we were mixed with all of the internship participants across the UK offices. It really helped everyone to integrate fully and I’m sure the connections made during that week will be really helpful in our future careers at the firm.

We were given a number of talks and presentations from a range of managing partners and sector leaders including Simon Levine and Sandra Wallace. This furthered my understanding of the differences between the practice groups and, looking back, has provided me with a source of invaluable information to help me make my rotation choices.

Week 2: Intellectual Property and Technology

I spent the second week of the internship in the Intellectual Property and Technology group. The work I was involved in primarily related to outsourcing contracts. My supervisor provided me with lots of information about the cases he was working on, as well as the industry more generally, and he was always willing to answer my questions. We even had a mini mock client negotiation, which was daunting at first but was actually a lot of fun and something I had never done before.

Also, during this week we had our pro bono team project which was helpful preparation for our bigger mock client pitch the following week.

Week 3: Litigation

I spent the third and final week in the Litigation team. I worked on a number of research tasks for different projects, for example an article for the firm’s website as well as research for a meeting a partner had with a client later in the week.

Sharing an office with a partner was a great experience, I was able to pick up on so much just by listening and asking questions. Even though the partner I was sharing with wasn’t my supervisor, I still offered to do work for him and being proactive in this way allowed me to see the variety of work that takes place not just across the firm but within practice groups too. It sounds cliché, but I realised just how international the work is, as the case files I read involved complex issues crossing a number of jurisdictions.

Of course, there were plenty of social events where we could network and also meet trainees to bombard them with questions! There was also a lot of team work involved in the projects we had to complete so everyone became great friends by the end of the internship.

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