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FIFA World Cup 2018: England versus Tunisia

Watching the mighty England defeat the Eagles of Carthage (a.k.a. Tunisia) in Volgograd has, thus far, been the highlight of my secondment in Russia. This would still be the case even if I had not spent the first fifteen (secretly twenty) years of life dreaming of playing for the Three Lions and knocking a ball around with the likes of Kane, Sterling and Ali.

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The first month: My impressions so far

"Will I feel completely out my depth?" / "Will they hate me asking loads of questions?" / "Will I be able to get into the swing of things after my year out?"

These were just some of the questions flying around my head in the days, weeks and months leading up to the start of my traineeship at DLA Piper.

Most importantly perhaps, "When will I know if being a trainee there is right for me?".   I think I have already found the answer to the last question just a few weeks in, and I believe this is largely down to the firm I was fortunate enough to join. 

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Printers, Stupid Questions and First Impressions: My First Week at DLA Piper

What the…?

How do I…?

How does paper even get there…?

I'm stood at a printer on my first day. It has more flashing lights than the Starship Enterprise, probably costs more, and currently has paper jammed in places which, frankly, defy all common sense and most of physics too.

Maybe I should backtrack a little.

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