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Frequently asked questions

How many graduate positions do you offer each year?

Approximately 20 across the four offices - Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

When do your graduates commence with the firm?

We have a common start date in February for all of our graduates.

Do you offer international secondments to graduates?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to apply for an international secondment during your graduate programme.

How long do the secondments last for?

Typically, each international secondment at the graduate level lasts for six months.

How many internship positions do you offer?

Approximately 30 each year across Australia. Larger offices take on larger intakes, however exact numbers may vary from year to year.

When can I apply for the internship programme?

You should apply for the internship scheme two years before you’re eligible to start the graduate programme. If you're studying a law degree, this means applying in your penultimate year (year 2 of a three-year degree, or year 3 of a four-year degree).

Our recruitment and interview dates vary across the offices. Details can be found on our recruitment timetables.


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